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Corrosion protection

AnoxPro - The revolution in the field of corrosion protection for conformal cooling channels

Until now, there have been no effective treatments to guarantee corrosion protection for additively manufactured, conformal cooling channels.

The new AnoxPro coating finally offers a solution:

  1. Optimum protection for channels with extremely small diameters and long channel lengths
  2. Preservation of the heat exchange effect provided by the typical surface roughness of additively manufactured surface structures
  3. Additional active corrosion protection thanks to metallic particles in lacquer coating
  4. Suitable for variothermal processes with cooling media temperatures up to 180°C

Innovative lacquer coating with active protection mechanism

The special coating mechanism of AnoxPro offers the advantage that the geometry of the cooling channels does not affect the coating thickness. The average coating thickness is 10 μm. Therefore AnoxPro can be used universally for a wide range of cooling/heating channel geometries.

Whereas up to now only passive layers have been available, the new innovative AnoxPro lacquer system contains metallic particles. These act as a sacrificial anode and hence maintain a persistent, active protection against corrosion even in the case of small defects in the coating layer.

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