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Additive manufacturing

Increased component quality and reduction of production cycle times at the same time

The generative manufacturing technology on metal basis offers excellent design freedom for complex and conformal temperature control in injection moulds and die-casting tools – no risk of shrink marks, joint lines and warping.

Metal powder is applied on a base plate in layers of 0.04 – 0.05 mm using a ceramic coating tool and welded homogeneously by means of a laser. During this process, components are produced by melting layer by layer.

  1. Creating 3D data of the cooling system
  2. Creating 3D data of the mould inserts
  3. Manufacturing mould inserts with conformal temperature control



Combining additive manufacturing and vacuum brazing

The combination of these two processes creates unprecedented possibilities and benefits, allowing you to achieve maximum performance in temperature control of injection moulds and die-casting tools.

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