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iQtemp – A brand of Listemann Technology AG and Renishaw GmbH

Mixing different technologies to achieve maximum performance in temperature control of injection moulds and diecasting tools. The combination of vacuum brazing and laser generation creates unprecedented possibilities and benefits.


Cooperating under the brand iQtemp, the two companies allow customers to choose from the following range of services the ones that suit their specific needs. One single contact provides you access to the experts for all the technologies applied in conformal temperature control. With a unique range of services and outstanding flexibility, we can offer you a tailored solution for temperature control of your mould inserts:

  • Design and simulation of temperature control
  • Creation of 3D data / production drawings
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Manufacturing semi-finished products (blanks for brazing)
  • Vacuum brazing and hardening, heat treatment
  • Corrosion protection coating

For more than 25 years, Listemann Technology AG has been a recognized specialist for vacuum brazing, a thermal joining technology that provides tight, high-strength joints between similar and dissimilar materials. Based on this technology, the tool and mould manufacturer separates its mould inserts and cores into individual components to facilitate manufacturing of conformal cooling channels, before brazing the components together to form a complete, tight, high-strength insert.

Renishaw GmbH is one of the pioneers in the field of additive manufacturing. As one of the first service provider in the field of additive manufacturing (SLM/SLS) in Germany, the company has more than ten years of experience. Layer-bylayer melting of a mould insert from a steel powder bed makes it possible to realize a highly complex channel geometry for temperature control, which could not be produced using conventional methods or by vacuum brazing. Renishaw is a globally operating company with core skills in measurement, motion control, healthcare, spectroscopy and additive manufacturing.