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iQtempGmbH – the competence center for conformal cooling

Mixing different technologies to achieve maximum performance in temperature control of injection moulds and diecasting tools. The combination of vacuum brazing and laser generation creates unprecedented possibilities and benefits.


iQtemp allows customers to choose from the following range of services the ones that suit their specific needs. One single contact provides you access to the experts for all the technologies applied in conformal temperature control. With a unique range of services and outstanding flexibility, we can offer you a tailored solution for temperature control of your mould inserts:

  • Design and simulation of temperature control
  • Creation of 3D data / production drawings
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Manufacturing semi-finished products (blanks for brazing / hybrides)
  • Vacuum brazing and hardening, heat treatment
  • Electron beam welding
  • Corrosion protection coating
  • Stainless steel in-line filter

iQtemp GmbH, located in Lüdenscheid /Germany, is a member of the Listemann Group and the competence centre for conformal cooling and temperature control of injection and die casting tools. In addition to the design of optimized temperature control systems and simulation, iQtemp offers the implementation by different processes. These are currently additive manufacturing, vacuum brazing and electron beam welding. To complete the portfolio, customers can receive the corrosion protection coating of the temperature control channels on request, as well as a stainless steel in-line filter to protect the channels from contamination and closure.

In close cooperation with other experts of conformal cooling, such as software manufacturers, iQtemp offers the customer the unique benefit of receiving complete solutions for their tasks from one contact person. Our many years of expertise enable solution oriented, technology independent consulting and market proven implementation.

The Listemann Group is an internationally active expert for industrial thermal material optimization and the joining of high-quality components, with locations in Liechtenstein, Germany, Poland and Switzerland. We support our customers in the use of advanced materials, in the development of high performance components and machines as well as in the optimization of manufacturing processes regarding quality, efficiency and costs. Listemann is an independent owner-managed group of companies and completely self-financed.